Youth growth program

The height of children is related by genetics, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. The genetics are determined since conception and can’t be changed. The other three elements are the key to maximize the height of children.

Well-designed exercise program promotes the proliferation of growth plate and stimulates the release of growth hormone. With proper intensity, interval and duration, children can have fun and also have stimulation for growth simultaneously. Our physicians and therapists excelled in youth growth and development design personalized exercise program for every special child.

Growth and fitness exercise for children and adolescents

The proliferation of growth plate can be stimulated by exercise. Also, the release of growth hormone is also increased after exercise. The contraction of muscle and gravity both contribute to the phenomenon. 

We design personalized growth and fitness exercises for children and adolescents that promote growth. Combining stretching, resistance and aerobic exercise with proper intensity, sets, duration and intervals, children and adolescents will have fun in the program. Not only attaining the goal of growth, but also having more understanding of physical literacy after the program.

Bone age evaluation by ultrasound

The determination of bone age is key to growth evaluation. Traditionally, bone age is determined by X-ray. However, the exposure to radiation should be considered. Nowadays,  bone age evaluation by ultrasound has been much more acceptable as an adjunct to X-ray.

Ultrasound is free of radiation and can be repeated more frequently than X-ray. However, ultrasound examination is highly operator-dependent. In our clinic, bone age ultrasound is performed by a well-experienced physician with expertise in diagnostic ultrasound.